The Alaant Hiring Index Survey - Fall 2022 

Measuring the Capital Region's Job Market

1) Number of employees in my organization:
2) In my organization, hiring for 2022, as compared to 2021, has:
3) If hiring has increased this year, by how much?
4) If hiring has decreased this year, by how much?
5) For 2023, in my organization we expect hiring to:
6) Are concerns about a possible recession reducing hiring plans?
7) For 2023, my organization’s expectations for job growth can best be described as:
8) In my organization, the area showing the fastest-growing number of job opportunities is:
9) Over the next 6 months, my organization expects hiring to be:
10) The biggest challenge affecting my organization’s ability to hire is:
11) We are most successfully recruiting employees from:
12) Is your organization actively considering remote employees to fill job openings?
13) Is your organization more open to hiring remote employees if they are local to your area?
14) Has your organization altered its recruiting process amid the current job market?
15) Is your organization increasing salaries to attract and retain employees?
16) Is a significant portion of your staff (>50%) working either remotely or in a hybrid model?
17) How has the hybrid/remote work trend affected the ability to hire and retain employees?
18) Will an in-office work policy be mandated in 2023?