Tennis and Pickleball User Survey - Please complete by August 15

We have created a user survey to help inform Parks and Recreation, MCPS, Loyola, Valley Christian, Garden City Tennis, and Zoo Town Pickleball about providing quality court space to meet your needs. We want to hear all about what's most important to you. Your responses should reflect only your play in Missoula.

Please complete a survey for each family member who plays tennis or pickleball. For example: if you play pickleball or tennis, and your child plays high school tennis, both players should complete a survey. Parents may complete the survey for youth players.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us improve our ability to serve Missoula's tennis and pickleball communities. The survey closes at 11:59 p.m. on August 15.

* 1. I am a:
* 2. My family members or I play, coach or instruct:
3. If you chose "both" above, most of your or your family's play is:
* 4. Where do you or your family members play, coach or teach most often?
* 5. Where else do you or your family members play, coach or teach?
* 6. My family members or I most often play:
* 7. My family members or I play most often in the:
* 8. During the season/timeframe you selected above, how often do you or your family members play tennis or pickleball?
* 9. My or my family members' preferred times to play, or coach or instruct are: (choose up to two)
* 10. Based on the frequency of play you indicated in Question #8, would you or your family members play more or less if the courts were well-lighted?
* 11. Some public courts impose user fees to help fund court maintenance. Would you or your family be willing to pay an hourly fee to play at FMRP or Playfair if maintenance was improved?
Very unwilling
Very willing
* 12. My family members or I attend or belong to (check all that apply)
* 13. How likely are you or your family to contribute to a capital campaign to replace existing courts with all-new courts?
Very unlikely
Very likely
14. Coaches/Tournament Hosts/Instructors: Please describe the services/features you need to host tournaments, practices, or expand your program. Include number of courts, court design, lighting, access, amenities (on and off court), etc.
* 15. Player's age:
* 16. Player's gender:
* 17. Closest elementary school:
18. Do you have constructive feedback, questions, or ideas? Please share here.
19. Please type your name and email address if you'd like to receive future updates about public tennis/pickleball courts.