Thank you for taking a few minutes to participate in this nineteen-question survey regarding the impact the COVID-19 pandemic may have had on your business. This effort will enable the region to identify current and future programs and activities that can mitigate the effects of the pandemic and ensure the recovery of the regional economy.

As part of the funding from a Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, the Economic Development departments of Allegany, Garrett and Washington counties appreciate your responses. Your anonymous replies will be used to plan, prepare, prevent, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are staffing levels for your business the same as pre-COVID-19?
If no,
Is the company experiencing staffing shortages? (check all that apply)
Specific positions of concern:
Have you changed your business model as a result of COVID-19?
If yes, please select from the following: (check all that apply)
If changed the size of your physical space, please select from the following:
Do you anticipate these changes being permanent?
Have you offered employees the opportunity to telework?
If yes, what percentage
Has your business experienced any of the following: (check all that apply)
Do you have new policies in place to address the current or future events? (check all that apply)
What does your business identify as the greatest barrier to recovery?
What was/is your biggest challenge over the past 18 months?
Which of the following types of assistance would be the most helpful to your company? (check all that apply)
What government program aided your business the most in the last 18 months?
What government program hurt your business the most in the last 18 months?
* What is your business's industry sector?
* What is your zip code?