The Foundation for Historic Christ Church is preparing for reopening of the museum and church to visitors three days each week (Friday-Sunday) starting the first week of June if public health conditions allow. All social distancing and masking protocols will be implemented as part of the reopening.


As an integral part of this organization, we need input from you, our valued members. Please take a few minutes to answer some questions about your support of HCC programs and events; please consider in your answers that people of all ages may participate.

* Would you be comfortable coming back to an event at Historic Christ Church & Museum starting in June?
If you answered “No” or “I’m not sure” to this question, when and under what conditions do you think you will be comfortable in returning to Historic Christ Church for an event?
What can we do on the campus of Historic Christ Church to make you feel safer during your visit?
* Would you be willing to attend an event or meeting indoors (socially distanced)?
* Would you be willing to attend an event or meeting outside (socially distanced)?
If a program/concert were live streamed would you participate that way instead of attending in person?
Would you feel comfortable letting your children or grandchildren participate this summer in HCC programs like “Hands-On History Day?”
Do you have other comments you'd like to make?