Carrying the Torch of Faith into the Future!

Please take a few moments to complete the below survey

to help determine the best day/time for Faith Formation for our children

and to help create a vibrant and fruitful faith community for all in our parish!

VITAL INFORMATION - All parishioners are welcome to complete the survey.

* What grades will your children be entering in the fall? (Please select all that apply.)
Where do your children currently attend school? (In order to coordinate with school calendars, please list name of school, if not listed, in “Other”)
Do any of your children (18 or under) have to ‘catch up’ on Sacraments? (Please check all that apply)
If yes, do you want to be contacted to coordinate your child’s sacrament ’catch-up’? (We will work with you and your child to complete the preparation and coordinate celebrating the sacrament once they are ready.)
If Yes, please provide your contact information below:

PRIORITIZING THE MASS - in order to ensure your family can attend Mass weekly and juggle other activities and obligations, please respond to the following questions.

Please keep in mind we are working to accommodate 100+ families while best utilizing our existing facilities.

Please rank the times/days below that K-8 Faith Formation sessions could work for your family. (We are still determining the frequency of sessions.) Please rank the options from 1 to 3 for convenience (1 being the best option and 3 being the least desirable.) PLEASE NOTE : Confirmation Sessions will be communicated at another time.
Children’s Liturgy Options- please select preferred Mass to offer Children’s Liturgy for younger children through 5th Grade:

FAITH FORMATION - Please share your thoughts and insights to help us build a community dedicated to our children's Lifelong Faith Formation.

Are you interested in volunteering to help the younger generation grow in faith? (Faith Formation Sessions will not be possible without your help. We will need two volunteer catechists for every 10-15 children.Teacher training and resources will be provided.)
What do you personally feel is the most critical element of our faith to pass on to our children?
What has been the most beautiful/meaningful element of your Catholic faith experience that should be shared with the next generation?
How can we best help you in preparing your child for their sacraments?
Please indicate which of these faith formation opportunities you or a family member would be interested in attending.

COMMUNITY BUILDING - Every parishioner is needed to create a thriving and vibrant faith community. Please share your gifts and inspirations below!

Please share any ideas you have for building a vibrant faith community.
Do you have any suggestions for appealing to young adults and families to make our parish more inviting and welcoming?
Would you be interested in being on our parish prayer line to pray for those in need or requesting prayers for their loved ones?
Are you interested in providing administrative, pastoral or hands-on work to our parish? (I.e. gardening, bringing Eucharist to the homebound, help in the office, repair/improvements, etc.)
Are you (or is your child) interested in learning about opportunities to become more active in our parish? Please select all that apply:
Which of the following community building activities would you or your family be interested in?
If you want to stay informed of our parish faith formation plans, please provide your name, address and email below.