This crowd-sourced survey will run for a period of six weeks on several platforms. The survey is available to anyone who lives in Virginia. This survey provides useful information about the activities and desires of outdoor recreation for all Virginians. Reports on this crowd-sourced survey will be included in the 2023 Virginia Outdoors Plan which is the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP). 

Regional Public Recreation Survey


* 1. How important is it to you and any other persons living in your household to have access to outdoor recreation opportunities? (Please choose one)
2. When do you and others in your household most often participate in outdoor recreation activities? (Please choose one)
3. Do you or anyone in your household face any of the following issues that limit or prevent you from visiting parks? (Please choose all that apply.)
4. What would improve you or your household members' ability to visit and use parks? (Please choose all that apply.)
5. Have you ever avoided visiting a trail or park because it was too crowded?
6. What do you consider a close-to-home park?
7. Do you have access to any of the following? (Please choose all that apply.)
8. What are the main reasons you participate in outdoor recreation? (Please select your top 3 choices.)
9. How do you usually find out about outdoor recreation opportunities? (Please choose all that apply.)
10. Please indicate which of the following outdoor recreation facilities you feel are MOST NEEDED in Virginia. (Please select your top 3 choices.) Access to:
11. Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected how you recreate outside?
12. Has COVID-19 made you want more local places to experience outdoor recreation?
* 13. Zipcode
14. Age (optional)
15. Race (optional)
16. Gender (optional)