Want to be on our "expanded" referral lists?

There is no membership fee required to be on our internal referral lists, but our Pro screening makes a difference.

We're revamping our referral lists, and as you know, we sometimes have clients who would like to open gigs and other opportunities beyond our current list of professional members. Our current members always get first shot, but if you'd like to be part of the group that is eligible to receive these other, occasional opportunities, please fill out this survey and tell us what you believe your approval/eligibility status to be.

There is no risk in submitting your information here: we'll check eligibility on everyone, but this allows us to confirm that you're interested in these additional communications. It's like applying for pre-approval without affecting your credit score, and we'll send an application if we need to know more. Just tell us where you think you stand. For the record, we do not share the lists -- you will hear from us, not our clients, and you decide if you want to respond.

If you have questions, please contact Lauri directly. This doesn't come up frequently, but we want to do it right when it does. Thank you!

Application for "Alt Pro" referral lists

* Your name
* Have you already been approved for Pro membership with Lauri's List? (We'll follow up on your current eligibility and will get in touch if questions arise.)
* Voice part (choral) or other skill (marketable at professional level)
* May we email you when an opportunity opens up beyond our current Pro members?
* Please confirm your email address: