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In response to life science employer needs for new hires in our region, the Blumberg Institute and the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center (PABC), located in Doylestown, are considering the development of an employer-driven training program for those seeking entry-level

employment as Laboratory Technicians.

We would appreciate knowing of your company's interest in helping with the

development of and participation in the program.  

Your response to this survey is appreciated. Thank you!

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Does your company need entry-level lab technicians?
If so, how many entry-level technicians do you anticipate hiring in the next 12 month period?
Would your company participate in screening training applicants?
Would your company participate in hosting applicant tours of your facilities?
Would your company consider hiring successful training graduates?

Skills Needed: Please check below all that apply 

Business Related Skill Courses:

Strategic Pharmaceutical Project Management: (8 hours of instruction)
Intellectual Property: Critical to a Successful Business Strategy: (6 hours of instruction)
Presentation Skills (6 hours of instruction)
Regulatory Affairs, Compliance & Writing (6 hours of instruction)
Drug Development and Product Formation (6 hours of instruction)
Applied Statistics (6 hours of instruction)
Drafting Technical Documents (6 hours of instruction)
Written Communication Skills (6 hours of instruction)
Development & Management of Intellectual Property (6 hours of instruction)
Change Management (6 hours of instruction)
Machine Learning (6 hours of instruction)
Big Data Analysis (6 hours of instruction)
Project Management (6 hour overview application & methods)

Laboratory Skill Courses:

Molecular Cellular Biology
Western Blot
Computational Biology
Preparative Chromatography
Mammalian Cell Culture
HPLC Techniques
Laboratory Technique & Documentation
Mass Spectrometry
Immunology & Immuno-oncology
PT-PCR assay
Pharmacological Modulation Techniques

Industrial Safety & Regulatory Training Courses

Hazard Communication (2 hours)
Bloodborne Pathogens (2 hours)
Personal Protective Equipment (2 hours)
Lockout/Tagout OSHA
OSHA General Industry Competent Person Development Training (6 hours)
OSHA 10 Hour Training Program
OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Training
Respiratory Protection (2 hours)
Safety & Health Programs (2 hours)
Spill & Leak Control (4 Hours)
Fire Safety/Fire Extinguishers (2 hours)
Materials Handling & Storage (2 Hours)
Fall Protection

Graduate University Credit Certificates

Certificate in BioManufacturing - 12 Graduate Credit Hours
Certificate in Medical Biotechnology - 12 Graduate Credit Hours
Certificate in Regulatory- Legal Affairs in Biotechnology - 12 Credit Hours