This award honours employees who consistently deliver outstanding customer service, which enhances the customer experience. To be eligible for this recognition, employees must meet the following criteria:

Nomination Criteria

´╗┐Regular Public Engagement:

  • Engages with the public regularly as part of their role.

Non-Ownership Status:

  • Cannot be the owner of the business.

Valid Business License:

  • The business must hold a valid business license in the District of Houston.

Product Knowledge or Service Excellence:

  • Possesses good knowledge about the products sold or provides excellent service to customers.

Attentive and Supportive:

  • Listens to the customer attentively and actively assists with their needs.

Pleasant and Courteous Interactions:

  • Maintains a pleasant and courteous demeanour in regular interactions with customers.

Excellence in Customer Service:

  • Recognized for consistently demonstrating excellence in customer service.

Going Above and Beyond:

  • Acknowledged for going above and beyond the call of duty to enhance the customer experience.

Positive and Willing Attitude:

  • Always ready and willing to help with a smile, contributing to a positive work environment.

This award celebrates the crucial role that employees play in creating a positive customer experience. The Employee Customer Service Excellence Award recognizes individuals who consistently demonstrate exceptional customer service skills, making significant contributions to the success of the business.

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