The Georgia Balance of State Continuum of Care (generally referenced as “BoS CoC” or “Continuum”) is the group composed of representatives of relevant organizations that are organized to plan for and provide, as necessary, a system of outreach, engagement, and assessment; emergency shelter; rapid re-housing; transitional housing; permanent housing; and prevention strategies to address the various needs of homeless or at risk of homelessness persons for a specific geographic area (named next paragraph). This group serves as the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) recognized decision making body for the Continuum rule at 24 CFR 578, Subpart B, entitled “Establishing and Operating a Continuum of Care.”


The geographical area currently covered by the BoS CoC includes the 152 counties not covered by eight local Continuum plans. Local plans exist for the City of Atlanta, Fulton County, DeKalb County, Cobb County, Athens-Clarke County, Augusta-Richmond County, Savannah-Chatham County, and Columbus-Muscogee County. Contact information for each of the local Continuum can be found on the HUD Exchange website at: Georgia CoC Contacts.


The Balance of State Continuum is soliciting membership recruitment and participation from diverse organizations and individuals in the management of the Continuum. In particular, we are seeking participation from dedicated homeless assistance providers, nonprofits, faith organizations, businesses, public housing agencies, social service providers, hospitals, landlords and affordable housing providers, Veterans organizations, victim services providers, governments (all levels), homeless advocates, schools, community mental health agencies, technical schools, colleges and universities, police, sheriff departments, homeless and formally homeless individuals, and others with an interest.


The work of the BoS CoC will be accomplished through a comprehensive process that includes full membership, regional, board and committee meetings. The Continuum will develop and implement an on-line voting system for members. Full membership votes shall be taken as follows:

  • An initial vote for ratification of the Charter (initially adopted January 29, 2014, and the most recent 5-year ratification approved November 1, 2023);
  • Periodic votes to elect “at large” members of the Board; and
  • Review and/or update the Charter’s process for Board selection not less than once every five (5) years [578.7(3)].


While everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in the BoS CoC, for matters that call for a vote, only agencies (not individuals) will be eligible to vote. The Voter Membership Policy, enacted by the Membership and Rules Committee on September 8, 2014, requires each member organization/agency to designate one person to be the voting member for that respective agency. It is the responsibility of each agency to ensure the appropriate representative votes, and voting members are required to be a formal member of the BoS CoC. Other details on membership requirements can be found in the Governance Charter referenced on this page. Further, please contact Tina Moore ([email protected]) if you need special accommodations, including language assistance, in order to participate. Please note, participation and membership representation on each agency’s respective CoC may be considered one of the threshold criteria during application review for the Continuum of Care and Emergency Solutions Grant programs.

If you have not already indicated through a survey that you formally wanted to become a member of the BoS CoC, please complete this survey. If you know of others with an interest, please pass this information along to them. If you do not have an interest, please disregard this request.

Prior to answering questions on committee interest, you may review committee details within the Georgia Balance of State Continuum of Care Governance Charter Adopted by Membership on the DCA website at:

Thank you so much for your time.

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DCA is committed to providing equal access to all of its programs, services and activities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, disability or age. Any individual who needs an accommodation because of a disability or documents in accessible electronic formats (e.g. .pdf format) should contact Christy Lovett at (404) 679-0596 or email [email protected]. Requests may also be sent to Tina Moore, GA DCA, 60 Executive Park South NE, Atlanta, GA 30329, or by email at [email protected].

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Designated Agency Voting Member: Who has been designated, or will be designated, as the Balance of State CoC Voting Member for your organization/agency (please list name and title)? Note that it is the responsibility of each organization/agency to insure the appropriate representative votes.
If you are completing this survey as an individual/advocate, are you affiliated with any CoC Organizations?
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Committee Interest - The Balance of State Continuum needs broad stakeholder participation. Committees are where much of the work will take place. A committee appointment will require much more of a time commitment than general membership. Committee meetings are held quarterly, but most likely many times throughout the year. Meetings may be by teleconference or webinar.

Are you interested in serving on any of the following BoS Continuum of Care committees?
Committee Qualifications/Experience - If you indicated an interest in one of the four committees sited above, please describe the skills/experience that would make you a valuable member of each committee selected. If additional space is required for response, you may create a word document and email this to [email protected].
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If you don't mind providing this information, are you homeless, or have you experienced homelessness?