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Earlier this year, Congress created the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, to help individual and family renters who needed assistance to pay rent and utility payments due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congress provided a tribal set-aside of $800 million, which was to be allocated similarly to the IHBG formula allocations. To claim its allocation, a tribe (either the tribal government or tribal housing program) needed to submit its application in January 2021.

NAIHC is hoping to better understand how tribes are using this new funding, and any obstacles or issues tribes are finding with the program.

Did your tribe receive its Emergency Rental Assistance Program funding?
If no, why not?
Has your tribe already begun providing Rental and Utility Assistance payments in your community?
Does your tribe have rental assistance policies in place?
Would your tribe like to receive free Training or Technical Assistance to develop rental assistance policies?
What other issues regarding ERAP would your tribe like to receive more training?

Under the laws that govern the ERAP, tribes have until September 30, 2022 to spend all of its ERAP funding. However, beginning September 30 of this year, the Secretary of the Treasury "shall recapture excess funds, as determined by the Secretary, not obligated by a grantee" and reallocate those funds to other ERAP grantees.

Is your tribe concerned that it cannot spend its ERAP funding?
Treasury has clarified that tribes can provide ERAP rental and utility assistance to anyone in your tribal areas AND to tribal members wherever they are residing (assuming all eligibility criteria are met, and no duplication of assistance). Is your tribe providing assistance to members outside of your service area?
Is your tribe's ERAP program successful? What obstacles has your tribe encountered? Please provide any comments you have about the program.
Please tell us which tribe these answers pertain to.