Spring has sprung!

This is your opportunity to plant the seeds of success here at the Lake.

Sediment and bacteria impair Lake water quality.

Please take 60 seconds to complete this very important survey. Our watershed management plan will affect the Lake for the next ten years.

Let your voice be heard.

* 1. Which of these factors do you feel have the most environmental impact on our community? Based on your experiences at the Lake of the Ozarks, rank these activities that have the greatest impact on our Lake Water quality in order of priority. (1-4, 1 being highest)
* 2. Rank the activities below based on what you would like to see implemented on your property or around the Lake. (1-5, 1 being highest priority)
Is there something we've missed? Your knowledge and experiences as a resident are important resources. If you have any additional comments, please provide them below.