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2023 International Student Convention

Thank you for joining us for ISC 2023! Please answer the questions below about your experience. We appreciate your feedback.

Are you a student or a sponsor?
If you are a student, what is your age?
How many years have you attended ISC?
Did you participate in the early entry events or attend ISC Live?
How would you rate ISC 2023?
Did you make any life-changing spiritual decisions during or after the rallies?
Which ACEM student program booth interested you the most? (Visit for more information.)
What is your opinion of early entry (virtual) events?
Which competitions, if any, would you like to see added to the ISC events?
Did you use the Passport app while attending ISC Live? If you tried to use the app but couldn't, please select "Other" and tell us what happened.
At which region of the United States do you prefer ISC to be held? If you prefer a different country, write the name in the "Other" field.
Did you purchase items from the ISC store?
What new items would you like to see added to the ISC store?
Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for future ISCs.
OPTIONAL: In the box below, please leave your name, your school's name, and your email address to allow us to contact you regarding your responses.
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