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1) Your personal information is required to administer scores, send patches, and notices, and to notify prize winners.

* Name:
* Home Phone:
* Email Address:
* Address:
* Are you a CSSA Member?
If yes, what is your CSSA number?

2) Please check the competitions you intend to participate in.

Please note: The Junior Program is for participants who have not reached their 18th birthday at the start of the competition year.

Please note: There is a fee to submit targets for eac´╗┐h category. For more information go to our website: cssa-cila.org/cssa-shooting-programs or contact our office.

* Discipline

3) I agree to abide by the rules outlined in the CSSA TARGET Program and to conduct myself in a honest, sportsmanlike manner. I understand that failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in my dismissal from the program and the forfeiture of any ranking or prize.

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