Point of Care Media Survey

Does the Point of Care Marketing Association communicate enough with the industry?
Does not communicate enough
Communicates very frequently
Does the Point of Care Marketing Association provide enough educational resources for the POC industry?
Does not provide enough resources
Provides enough resources
Is the information shared by the Point of Care Marketing Association valuable?
Not valuable
Very valuable
Is Point of Care an easy media channel to plan?
Very challenging
Very easy
Is it easy to contract for POC media?
Not easy to contract
Very easy to contract
Please rate how easy The Point of Care Marketing Association Verification and Validation Guidance is to understand
Not easy to understand
Very easy to understand
How innovative are Point of Care tactics?
Not innovative at all
Very innovative
Are you satisfied with how and when POC programs are measured?
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
How do you rank the POC channel from an integrity standpoint?
Low Degree of Integrity
High Degree of Integrity
Is it easy to execute digital creative for point of care tactics across partners?
Not very easy to execute creative
Very easy to execute creative