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Virginia Paulus-Iler Scholarship Application

Administered by the Paulding County Area Foundation

Scholarship Criteria:

  1. Student entering their third year of study at an Ohio College or University.
  2. Student must have graduated from Paulding High School, Paulding, Ohio and attended said school for at least 3 years.
  3. Student must have maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in high school and their first 2 years of post-high school education.
  4. Student must demonstrate financial need.
  5. Student must not be an immediate family member of any member of the selection committee or related in any way to employees of the Paulding County Area Foundation (Foundation). The Foundation reserves the right to deny any application that would violate Internal Revenue Service regulations.

Required attachments to this application (Incomplete applications cannot be considered):

  1. College transcripts for first two years of post-high school education (the transcripts must indicate GPA for each year).
  2. High school transcript provided by the Paulding High School Guidance Department that indicates years of attendance and cumulative GPA.
  3. A listing of all financial aid you have received to date for post-high school eduation tuition. This list must include the source of the aid, the year received and the amount of the aid.
  4. A listing of all college loans you have incurred to date. This list must include the name of the lender, the amount of the loan and the year you took the loan out.
* Date:
* Applicant Name:
* Home Address
* Phone Number
* Email Address
* What College or University will you be attending?
* What is your major?
* Student College/University ID Number or Social Security Number
* Please describe your work experience both while attending college and during summer breaks.