Triumph of the Human Spirit Awards and Gala 2023 Veteran Athlete of the Year Nomination Form

The BlazeSports Triumph of the Human Spirit Awards Gala honor those who have made a significant impact through adaptive sport and recreation. These awards pay tribute to the individuals, groups and organizations who demonstrate qualities beyond athletic achievement such as leadership, a positive attitude and who inspire, motivate and truly epitomize the Triumph of the Human Spirit. Triumph of the Human Spirit also recognizes leaders in community, business, government, media and public health who are examples of best practice in the inclusion and advancement of people with physical disabilities through adaptive sport and recreation.

Nomination categories include:

·         Youth Athlete of the Year 

·         Veteran Athlete of the Year 

·         Coach of the Year 

·         Outstanding Young Alumni 

·         Volunteer of the Year

·         Distinguished Service Award

*Please submit your nomination by Friday, September 15th, 2023.

Veteran Athlete of the Year

A Veteran athlete with a physical disability or PTS/PTSD who overcame a challenging situation to not only survive but thrive on and off the field of play, who is dedicated, passionate and a positive role model to others.

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* To support your nomination, if possible, please send in 1-3 photos of the nominee(s) and include any additional materials like videos, website stories and newspaper articles.

For any questions about nominations or to submit any additional materials, please email Dawn at [email protected].

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