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I need to surround myself with more competent staff to help me scale this business.
I need to improve my recruiting process to consistently add B+/A Players to my company.
I need staff to stay longer so I can focus on building this business and not hiring and training people for the same positions.
I think it is time to add an account manager to visit, manage and renew our clients while I focus on new business.
I think it is time to add a sales person to grow this business.
I don't know the best process for finding and hiring B+/A Sales People.


Our achieved success was from grabbing the "low hanging fruit" which we've exploited and now we need a strategy to continue growing.
I need to develop an account management system so I don't forget to "touch base" with clients and retain clients for a longer time frame.
How do I create a Sales Growth Strategy that will effectively and efficiently increase sales and profits.
I need to develop a plan to retain and expand our current client business.
I am confident we can double or triple this business over 3-5 years but I'm not sure how to staff and manage this growth.
I want to exit this business in 5+ years but this business revolves too much around me and I'm concerned about my ability to sell this business for a good value.


Even though we win business, I'm "winging" the selling and have never really learned how to sell systematically.
If we could win a larger percentage of the tons of quotes we generate the revenues would be much higher.
I spend way too much time on prospects that do not buy from us.
It seems that prospects suck me for "unpaid consulting" and this is negatively affecting our business.
To grow this business we will add sales people but we don't have a "best practices" approach to dealing with prospects from start to finish to show them the success path.
It is frustrating to lose business when I know we could have helped them and they didn't understand how we could help.
Prospects stay in our sales pipeline for way too long a period.
Prospects "die" in our sales pipeline and I don't know why.

Skills: Part One

The business could grow faster if I was in front of more opportunities.
If I was more comfortable in developing new opportunities the business would be more profitable.
Developing a proven system for creating new business opportunities would help me to be more successful.
We do good work and have happy clients but don't seem to generate enough referrals to grow the business the effective way.
If I knew how or was comfortable asking for a referral when clients provided a compliment our business would grow the easy way.
I can sell to people who relate well to me but I need to sell to a larger audience than "people just like me".
Learning how to deal with people "not like me" would help me to build better relationships with prospects and close more opportunities.
We provide quality products/services but our margins are not as large as they should be to service the work.
Learning how to differentiate our product/service on value would allow us to win business more profitably vs being "1 of 3 and closing deals based on price".
We provide excellent value to our clients but don't seem to get the margins we deserve.

Skills: Part Two

If I could get the prospects budget before I developed a quote or proposal we would be more successful in closing "win-win" deals.
It is frustrating that I lose deals to an undisclosed "influencer or decision maker"after the fact.
At the end of a presentation I am expecting a decision but most often I get told they need to "think it over" or need to share this information with another person.
I gave the prospects the quote they asked for and am confused why more of them are not buying from us.
Sometimes I close deals where I believe there are more opportunities for me to help prospects more but I'm not sure how to exploit these opportunities.

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These problems have probably cost me or my company ____________ lost revenues or opportunities in the past 12 months.