Palmdale Library Plein Air Murals and

Chimbole Cultural Center Palmdale-themed Mural

Community Interest Survey


Your opinion is vital to develop Public Art installations in Palmdale that are meaningful to the community. We need your input!

As part of the Public Art Master Plan community engagement efforts, residents expressed interest in including more public art in and around City of Palmdale facilities, including the Palmdale City Library and Chimbole Cultural Center. These facilities have built-in “canvases” to create murals to beautify these spaces and highlight the natural beauty of our surroundings.

The Palmdale City Library has three exterior alcoves, perfect for installing vibrant paintings of local landscapes in the plein air style. Plein air refers to the practice of painting entire finished pieces out of doors; artists capture the spirit and essence of a landscape by incorporating natural light, color, and movement into their works.

The Chimbole Cultural Center is the perfect location for a Palmdale-themed mural inspired by vintage California fruit crate label designs with visual components that resonate in our community.

We invite you to take our online survey and voice your opinion about public art in these locations. This survey should only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

* 1. Are you interested in Public Art in Palmdale?
* 2. Do you use the Palmdale City Library and/or Chimbole Cultural Center?
* 3. Do you think local landscape murals in the plein air style will be a nice addition to the Palmdale City Library?


plein air.png
* 4. Please rate the local landscape theme for the Palmdale City Library in terms of general appeal:
* 5. Do you think a Palmdale-themed mural in a vintage design, visible from Sierra Highway, will be a nice addition to the Chimbole Cultural Center?


Vintage Fruit Crates.png
* 6. Please rate the Palmdale theme for the Chimbole Cultural Center in terms of general appeal:
* 7. Please select your zip code:

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