Dear Parent or Caregiver,

This City of Wabasha and your child’s school would like to learn your thoughts about students walking and biking to school during a typical year. If your child has been in distance-learning because of COVID-19, think about what you would do if they were attending classes in person.

This survey will take about 5 - 10 minutes to complete. We ask that each family complete only one survey per school your children attend. If more than one child attends the same school, please fill out the survey for the child with the next birthday from today's date.

Your responses will be kept confidential and neither your name nor your child’s name will be associated with any results.

1. Which school does your child attend?
2. Grade of your child
3. Street intersection nearest your home (please list Street 1 and Street 2)
4. How far does your child live from their school?
5. On most days, how does your child arrive at school?
6. On most days, how does your child leave school?
7. Has your child asked permission to walk/bike to/from school in the last year?
8. At what grade would you allow your child to do so without an adult?
9. Which issues prevent your child from walking or biking to/from school? (check all that apply)
10. What would help your child walk or bike to/from/at school more often? (check all that apply)
11. How much does your child’s school encourage walking and biking to/from school?
12. How much fun is walking/biking to/from school for your child?
13. How healthy is walking/biking to/from school for your child?

The following questions ask about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your family’s travel habits and physical activity.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your child’s travel/physical activity habits both during and after the school day?

14. My child walks...
15. My child bikes...
16. My child travels by car...
17. My child travels by school bus/transit...
18. Which of the following distance learning/social distancing activities have you or your child participated in? (check all that apply)
19. Please provide any additional comments below:

Thank you for your participation!