Hello to our wholesale customers!

I hope you are doing well and your season is off to a great start. Things are definitely hopping around here and we are working hard to grow and optimize the wholesale side of our business. I feel like I have a general idea what most of you are looking for from your suppliers but in an effort to better serve you, I have created a short survey which will allow me to hear directly from you. I know that you are really busy and don't have a lot (if any) extra time but I feel these next few minutes will save you hours if not days of time in the future. As a sincere thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, we will be sending you a $5 coupon to use at Steve and Jill's Food Truck (located in our parking lot). Thanks so much for your business in the past and present. We value our partnership.

To all who receive this email: If you are not the primary contact for Pine Lane Nursery, please do us a HUGE favor and forward it to the person who is. Thanks!  

How long have you been using Pine Lane Nursery as your supplier?
How often do you come into the nursery during the busy season?
How far do you travel to get to us?
Are we easy to communicate with?
How do you typically place your orders with us?
How do you feel our pricing compares to other suppliers?
Do you feel that we usually meet your needs when it comes to the inventory that we carry?
If we are out of a certain plant, do we offer reasonable substitutions that suit your needs?
What plants do you buy elsewhere that we do not carry?
How much of your total business have we earned so far?
Would you recommend us to a friend?
How efficient are we in getting you on your way to your jobs?
Do you feel we have improved operations this year?
What do you like best about us?
What areas could we improve on?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this important communication between us. As soon as we have reviewed your feedback we will provide you with a coupon for the Food Truck as a token of our appreciation.