Established in 1992, the Purchase and Retirement (PAR) Fund is part of Calvert County’s longstanding effort to preserve agricultural land. The program serves as an added mechanism for the sale of Transferrable Development Rights (TDRs) by utilizing County funds to retire TDRs, thus reducing density rather than moving it. TDRs are purchased, retired and permanently removed from the market protecting land from development.

The Calvert County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) sets the TDR price each year based on the recommendation of the Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board (APAB) and invites eligible Agricultural Preservation District (APD) owners to sell their TDRs to the fund.

The BOCC is seeking input on improvements to the PAR program and values your opinion. 

To assist in evaluating the program, please complete the survey.

Are you the current owner of an Agricultural Preservation District (APD) in Calvert County?
Please rate your familiarity with the Purchase and Retirement (PAR) program.
Have you previously sold TDRs to the PAR program?
If no, would you consider selling TDRs to PAR program in the future?
If no, what are the reasons for your lack of interest in the program? (Please check all that apply)
The BOCC approved a new purchase price of $5,000 per TDR for the current year which replaced the $4,500 price previously approved in August 2021. Do you think this is a fair price for the county to purchase TDRs from willing sellers?
If no, what do you believe a fair price would be?
Please provide any additional comments or suggestions for improving the PAR program:

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