The Calandra Italian American Institute at the City University of New York (CUNY) and the National Italian American Bar Association (NIABA) have partnered to conduct a study on Italian Americans and the legal profession. Although data on diversity in the legal profession is often published by national and state bar associations, there has not yet been a study that includes data on the career paths of Italian American law students and lawyers. This study will be the first to explore Italian Americans’ representation and experiences in various sectors of the legal field, helping us gain valuable insight into how Italian Americans are currently situated in the legal profession. Your participation in this 3-minute survey is imperative to help build an empirical grounding to start a conversationboth within and outside of the Italian American communityabout the unique challenges and opportunities Italian Americans face in their legal careers. If retired, please answer according to when you were practicing law.

* What is your age?
* What is your racial and ethnic origin? (Check all that apply)
* What generation Italian/Italian American are you?
* With which gender identity do you most identify?
* What law school are you currently attending or did you graduate from?
* Which legal degree(s) have you completed (or are you currently in school for)?
* If you are currently practicing law, what state do you practice in?
* What employment sector do you work in? (Please check all that apply)
* What is your legal area of practice (e.g. Personal Injury, Civil Rights, etc.)?
* If you work at a law firm, how many lawyers practice at your firm?
* If you work at a law firm, are you a partner at your firm?
* Do/Did you serve as a judge?
Have you ever served as a law clerk to a judge?
* Do you work in a law school? If so, what is your position? (Please check all that apply)
* Have you ever felt discriminated against in your career due to your Italian or Italian American identity?
If you feel comfortable doing so, please elaborate on your experience with discrimination.