EWEB's Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Survey

EWEB is preparing to update its broader community Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan section. Before we finalize our work, we are gathering input and feedback from EWEB customers on natural hazard risks on which we should focus mitigation work. Thanks for your time and interest!

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* Please rank the natural hazards from the one you are LEAST (#1) to MOST (#8) concerned about affecting your community.
* As part of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, EWEB has updated the hazard risk assessment to quantify the level of risk to EWEB facilities and the public. The assessment considers the frequency of past events, probability of future events, and threat level. Do you agree or disagree with the resulting top three risks: #1 Winter Storm, #2 Wildfire, #3 Earthquake
If you disagree, please explain:
* Is your primary residence at risk of any of the following hazards?
* From all the hazards mentioned, which one are you most concerned about and why?
* Depending on the type and severity, some of these natural hazards could disrupt electricity and water service for several weeks or even longer. How prepared is your household to go without EWEB electric/water service for two weeks:
* Making sure EWEB can continuously provide power and water is our top priority. From your perspective, SELECT the TOP 5 actions from the list below that EWEB should be doing to reduce natural hazard risks.
* How many years have you been an EWEB customer?
* What is the zip code for your primary residence?

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Thanks for your time and interest. You can review EWEB’s draft Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan here for more insights.