Hall of Fame Award - 2024

This prestigious award is given to a person that has achieved outstanding honors for their contributions and service within UMAPP and the promotional products industry.

Previous Hall of Fame Recipients

The Eligible Candidate

  • Has made significant and notable contributions to UMAPP.

  • Has made significant and notable contributions to the promotional products industry and to his or her community.

  • Must have served as a UMAPP board director, Executive Board Member, or committee member. Past or current involvement as a volunteer in UMAPP is of primary importance.

  • Cannot be a current member of the UMAPP Board of Directors or the Awards Committee.

  • Must be off the Board for three full years before being eligible as a Hall of Fame nominee. The waiting period is reduced to one full year if the nominee served in a Board-appointed position filling a Board vacancy, or an at-large position.

  • Must be or have been in the promotional products industry for 20+ years.

  • May be living, retired, or deceased.

Who nominates for this award?

  • Nominations must be made by a staff of a UMAPP member company in current standing.

  • Nominators must ensure the information provided in the nomination form is accurate.


Selection Process

Hall of Fame nomination forms will be available to the membership online during the calendar year at UMAPP.org (“Membership”). Three months prior to the Annual Meeting of Members (held in conjunction with the Room Show), the nomination forms will be emailed to the membership with a specific deadline. 

  • Nominations will be screened by Association staff and Awards Committee Chairperson to eliminate ineligible individuals.

  • All eligible nominations will be reviewed by the full Awards Committee, with assistance from a UMAPP past president, which will then select and send a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors.

  • Induction to the Hall of Fame shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

  • Nominators will be notified of the results by the committee. Nominees who win an award will be notified by the committee and invited to the luncheon. 

  • A max of two Hall of Fame award recipients per year.

Nomination Form

* Your Name as Nominator:
* Company
* Email Address:
* Name of Nominee
* Company Name (or former company if retired)
* Email address of nominee
* Is the candidate deceased?
* Years in the industry (must be 20+)
* Position or Title
* Does the candidate still work at that company ?
* UMAPP Board of Directors and/or Committee Service
Awards received within the industry or notable contributions within the candidate's company
* Please provide a synopsis of why you believe the candidate should be inducted into the UMAPP Hall of Fame, including past and current industry achievements or designations earned (TAS, CAS, MAS, MAS+, MASI), and recap past and current volunteerism within UMAPP or PPAI, community services, mentorships, etc. If additional room is needed, email [email protected] with more detail.