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The California Coastal Commission is seeking your input on how to integrate environmental justice considerations into Local Coastal Programs, which are planning documents that guide allowable development along the coast. Your answers to this short survey will help us understand what information and guidance the Commission should develop to support local governments to bring greater equity and environmental justice to coastal zone communities. For more information on the Commission, Local Coastal Programs and why we are developing guidance on environmental justice, click here.

This survey will remain open until April 30, 2021. Please email if you have any questions.

Environmental Justice and Local Coastal Program Survey

Part 1. Participant Information

We would like to start by learning a bit more about who you are to help us analyze the survey responses and make sure we are developing resources and an engagement strategy that meets the needs of our various stakeholders.

* What type of organization do you represent?
* Where in California are you or your organization located? Please write the name of your city or community below.
Do you identify as a member of an environmental justice community? For the purposes of this survey, we recognize environmental justice communities as low-income communities, communities of color, and other populations with higher exposure and/or sensitivity to environmental hazards and pollution due to historic marginalization, discriminatory land use practices, and/or less capacity to mitigate adverse impacts.
OPTIONAL: The responses of this survey are anonymous. However, if you would like your responses associated with your organization and/or are interested in discussing them with staff, please provide your contact information below.

Part 2. Local Coastal Programs and Environmental Justice

Local Coastal Programs are planning documents that local governments in coastal cities and counties use to guide allowable development along the coast.

Please select up to three issue areas you believe the Commission should prioritize in the development of guidance to inform Local Coastal Program updates to address environmental justice.
What additional topic area(s) not listed above do you think the Commission should prioritize in the development of guidance to inform Local Coastal Programs updates to address environmental justice?
What types of information do you think would be most useful to local governments for these updates?
Do you have any additional comments or questions about Local Coastal Programs?

Part 3. Outreach and Engagement

The following questions ask how you would like to stay informed and/or participate in the development of this information and guidance.

The Commission is considering how best to engage with you on the development of this information and guidance. Which of the following potential opportunities would you be interested in participating in? (select all that apply)
The Commission is exploring how we might be able to make participation easier for you or members of your community. Please select which of these options would be most helpful.
How would you like to stay informed on the Commission’s environmental justice and Local Coastal Program work? (Select all that apply.)
Please write any other suggestions or questions you have regarding public outreach and engagement below.

Thank you for participating in this survey! If you have any questions or would like to continue engaging with us in the Commission's Local Coastal Program and environmental justice work, please let us know at

To stay updated about the Commission’s environmental justice work, please sign up for the environmental justice email list. Staff will provide periodic updates on the status of this project and other announcement through the email list and updates to our website.