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Recognition is simple, yet powerful! We are seeking thank you messages, video clips, and images for this year's Child Welfare Worker Recognition Event on September 13, 2022. Fill out the form & make your submission by EOD, Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Then just plan your celebration, register to join, and get the popcorn ready!

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Note: Your message will be displayed at the start of the event and potentially on NCWWI's social media. While we won't change the meaning of your message, we may correct grammar errors or shorten the message to fit the screen. Ideally, your message is succinct, authentic, and specific.

* Will you be submitting video clips or images?

Submission Instructions: Grab your phone and hit record to have your workforce in the closing thank you video! Send video clips of staff (smiling, holding up kudos signs, dancing, etc.) that are 10 seconds or less. These will be set to music, so no audio is necessary - just hold your phone horizontally while filming and leave the editing to us. If you aren't able to record a video, photos will be accepted too. For technical assistance or to make a submission, email Videos and images must arrive by EOD, August 31, 2022.