Thank you for your interest in helping Medicine Park develop its comprehensive plan. Citizen input is essential in creating the bright future we all desire.

During numerous meetings in the past year the Strategic Planning Task Force identified four Focus Areas for our Comprehensive Plan. These are:

  • Economic Development (includes image & marketing, tourism and business development)
  • Quality of Life (includes culture, health and wellness)
  • Land Use (existing and future, includes housing, parks and recreation, conservation and impact, compatibility)
  • Public Services (includes infrastructure, safety, transportation, utilities)

During the town’s public input session on June 23, 2021, the participants identified a number of key opportunities within these four focus areas. We now need your help to prioritize these strategies.

In each of the four focus areas, please identify the importance of each strategy to YOU.

*Each citizen may submit the survey only once, but each adult in a household may vote separately.*

Focus Area: Economic Development

Events - Capitalize and expand on the success of our existing events
Groceries/Pharmacy/Sundries/Hardware – Recruit provider(s) of basic supplies for citizens.
Business Hours – Assist businesses in finding employees and customers to increase hours they are open.
Restaurants – Help current restaurants expand services and hours and recruit additional restaurants for peak times.
Visitors – Identify current visitor demographics and target underserved groups.

Focus Area: Land Use

Parking – Expand available parking space for visitors.
Roads – Improve roads and ease of navigation.
Zoning – Assess and improve current zoning.
Housing – Develop affordable housing to increase employment pool.
Parks/Trails – Expand and improve parks and trails for citizen and visitor use.
Walkability – Develop/expand sidewalks to ease congestion and improve safety and accessibility.

Focus Area: Public Services

Infrastructure – Expand and improve utilities and infrastructure.
Internet – Recruit reliable, high-capacity internet service.
Bathrooms – Build additional public restrooms.
Safety – Support police, fire, and emergency services commensurate with citizen and tourism growth.
Town Government – Improve transparency of government.

Focus Area: Quality of Life

Involvement – Offer and encourage opportunities for citizen involvement in town initiatives and projects.
Unique – Maintain and promote Medicine Park’s quirky quaintness.

Almost done!

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