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Tell Us How You Train Your Asbestos Employees So We Can Do It For You, for FREE!

SECO SBI runs a program to help you train asbestos remediators. We know there is a shortage of qualified, trained staff in Colorado. Our program is correcting the gap. We are providing this FREE training, and will connect you to qualified employees at NO COST to you. 

In order to make sure the employees meet your company's needs, please fill out this 5 minute survey. We will build our training based off what you tell us is most important!

Your completion of this survey will aid in sourcing employees that have training in asbestos assessment and cleanup activities in order to supplant the lack of available certified technicians within the state of Colorado. 

* Please provide your business contact information (First/Last Name, Business Name, Business Mailing Address, & Business Phone Number)
* How long has your business been operating in Colorado?
* Does your team struggle with filling crucial job roles for your business?
* What steps do you take to increase hiring qualified employees for your business?
* What barriers prevent you from finding and hiring qualified employees?
* Do you currently pay for employee certifications, training, and/or continuing education courses?
* Do you need employees to obtain H - Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) or X - Tanker & HAZMAT? (Required on the CDL of any driver, regardless of the class of vehicle, who wishes to haul hazardous material or hazardous waste in amounts requiring placarding under DOT regulations.)
* If you answered "Yes" on the previous question - How many employees need to obtain H or X within the next 12 months (1 year)?
* Would you be interested in hiring our graduates? They will leave our program with the entry-level asbestos certification from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
* Would you be open to participating on an Employer Advisory Board for future rotation of the program, coursework decisions, and general workforce discussions with SECO SBI?
* Additional Comments/Questions: