Deer Management Survey 2023

The City of Beachwood implemented a deer management program in partnership with the City of Shaker Heights this past season. The City of Shaker Heights is experienced in deer management and proved to be an exceptional strategic partner.

Under the provisions outlined in our deer management program that can be found on our website, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued a joint permit to our cities. The results of the program can also be found online. Because of their experience and track record, Precision Wildlife and their team was selected and were able to harvest the permitted number of deer, discretely, humanely and most of all, safely. We donated 2,800 pounds of venison to the food bank providing approximately 11,000 meals to people in need.

As outlined in our Deer Management program, we need to understand the reactions/concerns of our residents before we can determine how to proceed in the future. To that end, we have developed this residential questionnaire and appreciate your time and feedback. The deadline for completing this survey is May 15, 2023.

If you are unable to complete this survey online, please call the mayor's office 216-292-1901 and we will be happy to complete the survey on your behalf and will make sure your feedback is documented.

* Last Name:
* Address:

Limit one response per household.

* In which area of Beachwood do you live?
* How would you describe the current deer population in Beachwood?
* Compared to the 2021/2022 season, how has the deer population changed in your neighborhood?
* Do you have concerns about the number of deer in the City of Beachwood?
If you have concerns about the deer in Beachwood, please indicate those concerns. You can choose more than one answer.
* How would you change the deer population in Beachwood?
* Do you feel it is necessary for the City of Beachwood to continue with our deer management/culling efforts?
We have heard from a number of residents, who have seen/experienced a large number of deer on their private property who may be interested in giving us permission to utilize their property for this purpose. If you would like your property considered, please provide your information below:
Do you have any feedback and/or suggestions as it relates to our program last year and/or any suggestions for moving forward?
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We appreciate your feedback and will upload the results of this survey shortly after being tallied.