It is once again time to complete the Chamber of Commerce's quarterly Business Performance Survey that gives an indication of how the business community is performing and their perspective on critical economic issues affecting their operations.

The Business Performance Survey (BPS) is an independent business survey that provides timely insight into the peformance of the business sector. You are invited to contribute to the body of information that provides the Chamber, Government, regional and international institutions critical and powerful insight on the economy.

Of equal and maybe more value isthat the results of the Survey allows the Secretariat and Leadership of the Chamber to speak authoritatively on current issues affecting members. With this unique perspective and basis, we can properly articulate, on behalf of members, the impact of Government policy, and make informed recommendations in a timely manner.

Once again thank you for participating in the survey and please encourage your colleagues to do so, to help us achieve and glean a broader perspective.

With this information the Chamber is well placed as "the driving force for sustainable business and community prosperity in St. Lucia". Importantly, we can remain credible in making informed comment on emerging economic trends and patterns that will affect the economy and country on a whole.

The Survey is not very long and is easy to complete.

We value your input and thank you in advance for your timely completion of this Survey.

Brian Louisy

Executive Director 

* 1. Are you a member of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce?
* 2. What part of the Country is most of your business conducted in ?
* 3. Which of the following best describes your main business activity?
* 4. What is the current size of your workforce?
* 5. Over the past 3 months, April-June 2023, has your workforce size:
* 6. Over the next 3 months, July-Sept 2023, do you expect your workforce size to:
* 7. Has your company attempted to recruit Staff over the last three months, (April- June)
* 8. If your Company attempted to recruit, did you experience any difficulties finding suitable Staff?
* 9. If Yes, for which category of worker did you experience difficulties finding suitable staff?
* 10. What was your Revenue Performance in the period April- June 2023 compared to the same period in 2022
* 11. What was your Revenue Performance in the period April- June 2023 compared to the period Jan-Mar 2022
* 12. What was your Sales Performance in the period April - June 2023 compared to the same period 2022?
* 13. What was your Sales Performance in the period April-June 2023 compared to the previous period Jan-Mar. 2022
* 14. Was your Revenue forecast for the period April-June 2023 achieved?
* 15. What is your forecasted Revenue for the Period July - Sept 2023 compared to the same period of 2022?
* 16. Compared to 2022, how would you say your business is performing in 2023?
* 17. Over the next twelve months, do you think your business's turnover will change?
* 18. Over the next twelve months, do you think your business's profitability will change?
* 19. Over the last three months, how has Cash Flow changed?
* 20. Over the past three months, your investment plans for plant expansion or replacement, or rehabilitation, machinery, equipment or technology has:
* 21. Over the next three months, do you expect the price of your goods or services to change?
* 22. Is your Business facing pressure to raise prices from any of the following sources? Select all areas applicable
* 23. What are the most pressing concerns confronting your business at this time? - (Please rate in order of importance with 1 being your most pressing concern
24. What are the Five Most Serious Issues Government Needs to Address in the next Six Months?
* 25. Has Your Company Been Affected by the Health & Security Levy
* 26 How Has Your Company Been Affected?
* 27. Was your Business Properly Prepared for the Implementation of the Levy by 2nd August, 2023?
* 28 If Your Firm was Required to Charge the Levy on Services, Was Your Accounting System Ready by 2nd August to do so?
* 29. Did Your Company Receive Sufficient Information on How the Levy Should be Implemented from Government?
* 30 Did the Chamber Provide Your Firm with Sufficient Information?