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Part 1: Chamber Events & Programs

* Which of the following Chamber events have you participated in or attended in the past? Select all that apply.
* Which of the above events do you believe to be of the MOST value to you and your business? Please limit your answer to the top two (2) events. If you do not find any of them to be of value, please enter 'none'.
* Regarding your current comfort level in attending events, please rank your preferred options for attending events, with 1 being the most preferred and 3 being the least preferred.
* With many of our annual events on hold or modified due to COVID-19, the Chamber has had a stronger focus on programs and services as of late. Which of the following programs and services (that the Chamber has implemented or partnered in) do you believe are valuable to the local business community?
Are there any educational topics you would like us to try and arrange?
Please provide your business/organization name if you wish to be entered in the draw for a free 2022 Chamber membership:

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Part 2 of the survey will be sent out Monday, September 13th.