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* 6. Do you agree parents should have the option to choose their children's teacher/school?
* 7. Do you agree parents are entitled to open public comment during official school board meetings?
* 8. In your opinion, should school boards be allowed to hold private meetings/votings?
* 9. Do you agree that US citizens should be taught how to read a bill and/or bills should be written in a manner in which the average person can understand.
* 10. Do you agree as a parent, it is your responsibility to counteract progressivism in schools?
* 11. Are you willing to empower other activists while advocating for parent rights, religious freedom, and family values?
* 12. Do you agree public school sex education curriculum should include abstinence?
* 13. Do you agree that many current sex education curricula are inappropriate for school-age children?
* 14. Do you agree students should begin their day with the Pledge of Allegiance?
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