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The Florida Legislature is considering ending the Defined Benefit Plan for new hires. This Defined Benefit plan provides a fixed income benefit, based on a formula, guaranteeing a set dollar amount for your retirement (like social security). At JHS we are all currently eligible for either the State of Florida (FRS) or the Jackson fixed income retirement plan.

SEIU 1991 is conducting this survey to find out how important this benefit is to the our nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals at JHS. Please take a few minutes to take the below 8 question survey.

Are you aware that JHS provides you with a defined benefit pension which provides for a fixed amount of monthly retirement income?
Each one of us is either enrolled in the JHS defined retirement plan or the state of Florida FRS defined retirement plan. In which plan do you think you are currently enrolled?
How important would it be to you if the fixed income retirement plan was eliminated?
Was the fixed income retirement plan important to your decision to work at JHS?
If the fixed income retirement plan were to be eliminated as a benefit , how would that affect your decision to continue to stay and work at JHS?
Do you think the elimination of the fixed income retirement plan would cause other professionals to not come to work at JHS?
Which best describes your current professional job category at JHS
How long have you worked at JHS?

In Unity,

Martha Baker, RN

President/Executive Director