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* Is this you first time working with a relationship coach?
If yes, what is your primary reason for coaching?
* What is your preferred coaching style?
* Tell me exactly what is going on in your current relationship:
* Coaching Transparency - your goals are my utmost priority and I'm committed to supporting you along your journey. Coaching begins at mid four figures, are you currently ready to get the results you desire by investing in coaching?
* What is your partner's name?
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Hi Doll,

I want you to know that I'm here for you! I understand that your courageous step forward by reaching out may come with sadness but hope for the future. I have been right where you are, and your feelings will always be safe with me. I take this very seriously, and I'm committed to your success in love.

Thank you for trusting me with your heart. Together we will get through this!

Always in love,