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The Current Digest of the Ukrainian Press Survey

East View Press, the publishing division of East View Information Services, would like your feedback.


We are considering starting a new publication called The Current Digest of the Ukrainian Press (CDUP) which would parallel that of its long-standing counterparts, the Russian and Chinese digests.


CDUP will deliver unique content that scholars and students will not find from readily available news sources. In addition, CDUP will offer on-the-ground coverage of local news to show how regular people, from teachers to construction workers to first responders, are coping with the unrelenting stress of wartime. The aim is to provide readers with a broad picture of news presented to the Ukrainian public that pertains to both domestic and international events.


This curated content is then carefully translated and edited, giving researchers throughout the world access to a wealth of primary source materials that can enrich their research, inform their teaching, and inspire new avenues of inquiry. Please take a few minutes to provide your opinions below. We are grateful for your valuable input.

* 1. How would you rate the overall importance and academic relevance of a periodical digest of Ukrainian news and commentary in English?

If you believe that such a periodical has merit, please continue to the following questions.

* 2. What type(s) of content would you consider most appealing to your own work and to your students? (Select all that apply)
* 3. How often would you like to see the periodical come out?
* 4. What format(s) of the periodical would be most useful to you and your students?
* 5. What type of subscription are you most likely to buy or recommend to others?
Please provide your suggestions for pricing, as is pertains to your answer above.
6. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions to share, including feedback on the pilot issue of The Current Digest of the Ukrainian Press?

Go to eastviewpress.com/current-digest-ukrainian-press or contact [email protected] to find out more information about

The Current Digest of the Ukrainian Press.