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The Village of Lincolnwood is looking for feedback as they move forward with the Master Plan for Flowers Park. Initial public input was gathered on different park amenities that got us to this concept plan. Now we are asking for more input on the playground structures. Please take a moment and look through each option and submit which option you like best.

As a note, the following options were shared on the second Flowers Park survey. Due to the inclement weather on the night of the community input meeting, we didn't receive as much feedback as anticipated. Please take a brief moment to complete the survey and consider sharing with other community members. We value you feedback and look forward to the responses.

* Review each playground option below and rank them from one through six, with one being your favorite and six being your least favorite.
If you have any additional comments or feedback regarding the Flowers Park project, please share info below.
Playground 2.jpg

Playground 1

Playground 3.jpg

Playground 2

playground 4.jpg

Playground 3

playground 5.jpg

Playground 4

playground 6.jpg

Playground 5

playground 7.jpg

Playground 6´╗┐