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The F.A.B. Rich Manifestation Quiz:

Why Your Manifestations May Not Come True.

Are you wondering why you have not manifested your intentions? Take this quiz to find out. This F.A.B. Rich Manifesting Quiz is based on the F.A.B. Method of Manifesting™.

My intention for this quiz is to help you to understand why your dreams may not be coming true, and what you can do to change that.

* How often do you feel POSITIVE emotions and feelings of your future self as already manifested?
* Do you take daily inspired actions towards Feeling, Acting and Being (F.A.B.) like your future self? (Inspired actions like journaling and visualizing your future self, as well as reading inspirational books.)
* Do you believe that you are worthy and deserving of manifesting your intentions?
* Do you have a clear WHAT and WHY you want to manifest a particular intention?
* Do you BELIEVE that you WILL MANIFEST your intentions?
* Are you living as your Future Self Now?
* How committed are you to manifesting? Are you willing to take inspired actions by maintaining daily habits to support your commitment?
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* Cell Phone number where you want to be notified that results are ready.
* Email where you want us to send your results.