*** MGH 2021 Survey – What Can We Do For You?***

For over 30 years our goal has been to create a line that caters to direct sales professionals. We want to help you make your business better, more profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable.

We have a few ideas and would like your input. Please complete our survey below.

Are you interested in discounts for high volume purchases? If so, for which products?
Would you like more combo packs or gift packages? If so, what types are you interested in?
Are you interested in customized products? If so, for which products?
If yes, How would you like to customize them?
Do you have a logo?
What other business supplies or tools would you like us to provide to help you as a direct sales professional?
My Girlfriends House is considering a Membership Directory to promote your business and/or to help you reach out to other direct sales professionals. If this is something you would be interested in, let us know how you see it benefitting you and your business.
How can our website better accommodate you?
Provide your contact information below and any other feedback you would like to provide us..

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback to us. We appreciate your input.