Uncertainty = Opportunity. Bold New Vision!

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

8:30 - 4:00

Grappone Conference Center, Concord, NH 

NHBSR is now accepting proposals for the Spring Conference in May and welcoming ones for relevant programs that we offer throughout the year.


NHBSR's 2023 Spring Conference, "Uncertainty = Opportunity. Bold new vision!"

Businesses have always faced uncertainty but it is now increasing beyond the economy with the addition of all the stresses due to the pandemic and supply chain disruption. Extreme weather events and climate change contribute to the added risk and uncertainty. The other side of uncertainty is opportunity. We need to acknowledge the uncertainty and take advantage of it. For many of us, uncertainty is nerve-wracking. However, many of our best achievements and meaningful experiences come from a trying time of ambiguity. We live in a world of possibilities where there’s constant change, and constant dynamism, we need to be adapting and embracing uncertainty to create our competitive advantage. Let's embrace uncertainty and take advantage of the opportunity it presents!



Participants come from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, professional services, nonprofits, education, health, hospitality, energy, and retail services. Professionals within these industries work within the C-suite, human resources, marketing, finance, operations, and sustainability functions.

New Hampshire's leading conference for corporate social responsibility includes morning and afternoon break-out sessions, 75 minutes in length, that help attendees take sustainable aspirations to actionable efforts.  


  • Workplace Mental Wellbeing
  • Innovation and partnerships: Collaborative efforts across sectors, across organizations, and collective action for sustainability 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Workplace practices and impact
  • Effective Communication: Within organizations, across generations, for healthy civic discourse, inclusive communication, authentic and transparent ESG communication
  • Climate Resiliency and Carbon Accounting/ Finance: To encompass all climate resiliency and action-related topics including climate-friendly banking and investment, understanding climate regulations, and gaining competitive advantage from early action.
  • Re-emphasizing the Business Case of Sustainability and Climate Action: Bringing back a focus on ROI and positive outcomes


While we are interested in all innovative ideas, we will prioritize submissions that focus on the following: 

  • Solutions - focused and outcomes based - and leave participants with clear, actionable insights.
  • Participation - integrates meaningful opportunities for audience interaction with one another and the speakers into the session design.  We deeply value building meaningful connections and networks. The level of engagement and interaction reflected in your proposal will impact its scoring in our evaluation.
  • Diversity - accurately represents the diverse perspectives and people working across sectors on the topic being discussed.
  •  Collaboration - builds on and demonstrates the opportunities inherent in the collective intelligence that stakeholder engagement brings.

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5. As emphasized in the conference description, we deeply value building meaningful connections and networks. Our selection committee evaluates proposals on their level of audience engagement and interactivity. How do you intend to engage and connect with your audience?
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* 10. NHBSR has many workshops and webinars throughout the year. If your session is not selected for the 2022 Spring Conference, would you consider presenting your content in a webinar within our other programs and offerings?

Thank you for your interest in participating in NHBSR's Spring Conference!

Please note that NHBSR does not provide honorariums for session speakers. We are happy to offer each confirmed speaker a complimentary pass to attend the entire conference, and welcome and encourage their engagement with as much of the program as they are available for! If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]