The City of Pasadena Community Relations Department is conducting a survey to determine the efficacy of our current communication methods. The following questions will give our team an idea of how our residents prefer to receive City-produced video programming. Thank you for your participation!

* Did you know the City of Pasadena has a municipal cable television station called The Pasadena Channel?
* How often do you watch The Pasadena Channel on cable television?
* What company do you use as your cable TV provider?
* Did you know The Pasadena Channel has a YouTube account?
* If you do not have cable television, what would be your preferred method for watching City of Pasadena video programming? (mark all that apply):
* In addition to city council meetings, what types of non-emergency broadcast programming would you like to see aired on The Pasadena Channel or posted to City of Pasadena social media? (mark all that apply):
* How satisfied are you with current Pasadena Channel cable programming?
* Please provide additional feedback for the Pasadena Channel team: