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The following changes will affect ALL medical imaging professionals, limited radiographers, and registered technologists (R.T.) ™ and how they obtain their required CE credits.

The ARRT® mandates CE regulations for all CE Providers and RCEEEMs (Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism). Effective January 1, 2023, the ARRT® will no longer allow full textbooks to be approved for CE credits. Instead, each textbook chapter must be approved individually, have its own test and individual certificate of completion. The ARRT® mandated that the number of test questions be increased to 8 questions per one CE credit for all CE course renewals and new courses. These changes can be found on the ARRT® website HERE.

How these changes will affect all CE providers

  • Individual chapters in a textbook must be submitted individually for approval, increasing staff time and overhead costs.

  • The cost of approval on individual chapters will increase the cost of providing the full textbook course, causing us not to be able to provide relevant, full 24 CE credit courses.

  • Each chapter is required to have its own test and certificate of approval, increasing our costs on staff time to update and store our customers' CE records.

  • CE Providers may have to increase prices on courses to cover the extra approval costs.

How these changes will affect you

  • You will be limited to small CE courses to meet your CE needs. 

  • You will have multiple certificates for completion of small CE courses and will have to keep track of multiple certificates for ALL license renewals or audits.

  • Your cost and time of obtaining your CE credits may increase.

We want to know your opinions about these ARRT® mandated changes that will affect all medical imaging professionals, regardless of ARRT® registration.

* How do you feel about CE providers not being able to approve full textbooks for CE credits?
I do not agree with the changes.
I agree with the changes.
* These changes were made to accommodate technologists who must complete the CQR (Continuous Qualifications Requirements) process. Are you required to complete the CQR process for your ARRT® license?
* How do you think the ARRT® CE changes will affect your ability to obtain, pay for, and complete your required CE credits?
* How do you think the ARRT® CE rule changes will affect the healthcare workforce, long term or short term?

Your opinion matters and you may want to voice your concerns to the ARRT®, your state licensing agency or Board, and or your state attorney general. 

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