Big Bear Lake Community Survey

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The Big Bear Lake Village owes the City of Big Bear Lake taxpayers approximately 1/2 million dollars in uncollected funds. The City Council is currently contemplating how to resolve this problem. Should the City:
In recent months, the City of Big Bear Lake has been approached by several cannabis (marijuana) lobbyist, seeking to change the city laws to allow a cannabis shop to open and sell cannabis products in the City of Big Bear Lake. Do you:
Currently there is a citizens' led initiative that will appear on the November 2022 ballot. Do you support the initiative that will cap the number of vacation rentals at 1500 as opposed to the current 2600?
Currently, Big Bear Lake City collects less Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT) than other tourist communities. The TOT is not a tax paid by our full-time residents. Instead, this tax is paid for by tourists staying overnight in vacation rental homes or traditional lodging facilities. The taxes are collected by the City to help mitigate the negative impacts to local residents. Would you support the City of Big Bear Lake imposing a:

There are too many governmental agencies for our small Big Bear Valley Community. In many instances, these agencies duplicate services, create inefficiencies and waste tax dollars. In Big Bear Lake, our City Department of Water and Power operates as its own governing agency, separate from the city itself. This structure is different than most other cities similar to Big Bear Lake. This system is inefficient and increases the cost to our rate payers.

Would you support a citizens' led initiative to amend the City Charter to consolidate the City of Department of Water and Power into the City's operation if it saved tax dollars and created greater efficiencies for our community?
How long have you lived in here?
What do you like most about the City of Big Bear Lake?
What should Big Bear Lake be like in the future? What would you like to see changed, improved, or kept as is?

Important actions for the City to promote:

Preserving the natural environment
Creating new job opportunities
Adding more housing
Encouraging development on vacant sites

What would make Big Bear Lake a better place to live, visit, or both?

Parks and Open Space
General retail
Restaurants (fine dining)
Which improvements to Big Bear Lake transportation system do you believe are most important?

What is your impression of Big Bear Lake Councilmembers?

Alan Lee - District 1
Rick Herrick - District 2
Randy Putz - District 3
Perri Melnick - District 4
Bynette Mote - District 5
Frank Rush - City Manager
Are there any other issues not covered in this survey that the City should prioritized over the next 5 years?