This survey will help Salt Lake City's Department of Public Lands identify which 'open play' rules players prefer at the 11th Avenue Park pickleball courts. The survey will be available for three weeks, closing December 11, 2023.

After gathering your feedback, we'll evaluate which open-play rules are most desired at this location. Any recommended changes will be tested on select courts at 11th Ave Park as part of a three-month pilot program.

When the pilot period closes, we'll ask again for your thoughts and experiences to determine how to proceed. 

Pickleball Etiquette & Rules - Feedback

* How often do you play pickleball?
* What pickelball court do you use most often in Salt Lake City?
What challenges have you faced, if any, when trying to use the pickleball courts?

What is Open Play?

An "open-play" rule system governs how players access and use sports facilities on a first-come, first-served basis and how to ensure fair and efficient use when multiple parties are awaiting court use. It's designed to maximize participation and manage waiting times during peak periods.

Salt Lake City pickleball court users generally follow one of the following "open play" rule options.

Pickleball Rules: Yield the Court

Players will play a single game to 11 points and then YIELD the court to waiting players.

Tennis Rules

Players who arrive first, play first, and should limit play time to 60 minutes for singles and 90 minutes for doubles.

* Which 'open-play" rule system do you prefer at the 11th Avenue pickleball courts?
Do you have additional suggestions or examples from other locations that could be beneficial here?
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