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Iron County Remote Worker Survey 2022

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey for online workers so we can provide better services for you and others in Iron County. This information is being collected on behalf of Iron County Economic Development and various higher education institutions.

Are you currently living in Iron County?
When did you move to Iron County?
Were you raised in Iron County?
What made you choose Iron County as your home?
How long are you planning on staying in Iron County?
Are you, or would you consider working remotely?
What is your age group?
Are you a new college graduate (within the last 5 years)?
Did you attend college online?
Do you have a healthy work/life balance working from home?
Do you feel connected to your company's workforce working online?
Does your company require you to travel to an office?
Would you benefit from a co-working space to work alongside other remote workers?
How would you best describe your remote profession?
Would you be interested in workshops and other resources that benefit remote workers?
What resources would you like to see provided?
Do you know of others who are working remotely in Iron County? With their permission, please provide their name, email and phone number so we can include them in this survey. They will not be contacted for anything else other than this survey:
If you would like to be contacted in the future for resources geared toward remote workers, please provide your name and email: