Tracy Community Recognition Awards Gala


2022 Nomination Form




The Tracy Community Recognition Awards are bestowed annually by the Tracy Chamber of Commerce. These awards result from nominations from the Tracy community and are selected by a committee. Nominees do not have to be a member of the Chamber to be eligible for an award. Nominations are due by Thursday, November 17th. Winners will be recognized at the 2023 Awards Gala on January 27th, 2023. For more information about the nomination process, please call (209) 835-2131.


Nominating Criteria for Tracy Community Recognition Awards:


Business of the Year


This award is for the accomplishments of a business as a whole and (not necessarily a person). This business or organization should have a reputation for providing outstanding products and/or services to its customers. This business should be viewed as an outstanding local organization that is respected for its commitment, services, and activities that promote a positive influence on the entire community.


Entrepreneur of the Year


This award is for a person who has developed a business concept and turned it into a successful enterprise. Other criteria to consider are the person’s professionalism, business sense, and community involvement. An entrepreneur organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise. Examples of businesses that qualify for this award include but are not limited to Retail, Restaurant, Home-based, Industrial, Agricultural, etc.

Professional of the Year


This award is designed for the professional services industry. Most of these professions require a particular degree or certification. The person selected for this award should be someone who has maintained high ethical standards in their profession, provides excellent customer service to clients and is involved in the community. Examples of businesses that qualify for this award include but are not limited to Attorneys, Accountants, Real Estate, bankers, Medical, etc.


Citizen of the Year (Male & Female)


This award is for someone who continuously demonstrates a leadership role in one or several community organizations and shows a commitment to serving the well-being of others. This person does not have to own a business in Tracy. This award is for the selfless acts of an individual committed to providing goodwill within the city of Tracy and beyond. Individuals who qualify for this award include but are not limited to Church, Service Club, Volunteer, and Community Activists.


Organization of the Year


This award is for a local organization that has made significant contributions to the community through its service programs and charitable work. This organization promotes a positive influence in the community through its fund-raising efforts and service-related activities.


Educator/Administrator of the Year


This award is for a teacher or administrator from any school within the Tracy city limits who has demonstrated a passion for education. This person selflessly serves students, parents, and the community and has an ongoing desire to influence education in Tracy positively. This person can be an active or retired educator/administrator.


Emerging Youth Leader of the Year

This award is for an emerging youth leader who has a positive influence on the community through volunteerism, fundraising efforts, or committee participation. This student has displayed leadership, innovation, and a commitment to making a difference in the community through the projects and activities in which he/she has been involved. Only senior students who attend a high school in the Tracy city limits are eligible.

Instructions: This form must be filled out completely for the nominee to be considered for an award. Place an X in front of the appropriate award. Please use a separate form for each nominee.

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