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In the event of a Hurricane, Riverside Presbyterian Church is concerned for your welfare and your personal situations. We are also concerned about our church property and the community.

This survey will allow RPC to identify...

  • individuals that may need assistance
  • individuals that wish to volunteer their services

All information provided will only be used in the event of an emergency.

Will you need assistance preparing your property before a storm?
Would you be able to help other church members prepare their property or the church property as a storm approaches?
Would you be able accept church families who may be required to evacuate? If yes, please add the number of people you could accommodate in the 'other' field, with any restrictions there might be.
Would you be able to accept pets, and if yes, what kind and how many?
Would you be able to help other church members or the church property with after storm clean up?
Do you have special equipment, which can be used if necessary?
Would you be available to assist with staffing a daytime Disaster Day Center in Kissling Hall for our members for recharging & refueling?
Would you be interested in serving on the Riverside Presbyterian Church Disaster Preparedness Committee?
* First Name, Last Name, Address, Cell Phone Number and Email

Thank you for completing this Survey! Please contact Jan Nicholas at jan.nicholas@rpcjax.org for more information.