If your health, wellbeing and that of your coworkers is important to you, then consider becoming a Moving Metro Wellness Ambassador! Ambassadors will receive trainings and information on fitness, nutrition, self-care, events, and activities happening within Moving Metro to share at your respective locations!

Moving Metro Wellness Ambassadors Application

Roles & Responsibilities

As part of the Wellness Ambassador Program, you are volunteering your time to help promote the wellbeing of other Local 689 members! Our ambassadors will be required to attend trainings to properly equip and educate our members. As an ambassador, you will be required to attend 4 trainings annually to maintain ambassador status pertaining to the following:


  • Initial onboarding and training
  • Surveying and assessing the workplace
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Stress Management
  • Mindfulness and mental resilience
  • Wellness Event Planning

By participating in these trainings, Moving Metro will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to set you up for success!

The following will be the responsibilities of the Ambassadors at their respective divisions.

  • Serve as Point of Contact for Moving Metro health programs at respective locations
  • Educate and navigate peers to health programs aligned with the pillars of Moving Metro
  • Understanding of health programs available to members through medical providers and communities
  • Commit to quarterly projects to progress the bottom-line of 689 Moving Metro

*Organizing events and challenges

*Developing communications corner

*Case load of peers

  • Participate in product review committee to assess feasibility of Local 689 Members
  • Commit to up to 3 hours per month to assist Moving Metro programs and initiatives

*Posting flyers at locations

*Including wellness initiatives in division meetings

*Attending monthly trainings and meetings

*Coordinating onsite events and visits with Moving Metro team

  • Participate in classes to learn about health and wellbeing

Wellness Ambassador Incentives

Ambassadors will be incentivized by receiving up to $750 annually in the form of gift cards & will receive a budget of up to $1,000 from 689 Moving Metro to support healthy programs and initiatives at their respective locations

Only 2 ambassadors per department and location will be selected!

If you are interested in becoming a Moving Metro Wellness Ambassador, please complete the information below or email [email protected] with "Moving Metro Ambassador" in the subject line.

* Name
* Employee ID #
* Email Address
* Division and department?
* Please explain how important your health is to you
* Have you participated in any of the self-paced behavioral health programs available through your medical provider? (For ex: weight management, tobacco cessation, etc.)
* What does health and wellbeing mean to you?
* What are you doing now or aspiring to do that benefits your health and wellness?
* What community health events have your participated in? (For ex: 5K walks & races, health and wellness fairs, etc.)
* What types of health and wellness information would you like to promote at your location?