Thank you for your interest in joining our Parent Advisory Group! We are excited you're here. By completing the following registration, you are agreeing:

  • to participate in periodic reviews of FHF of GNO materials, trainings, and online resources by giving your feedback on how they could be improved;
  • to attend monthly or bimonthly virtual or teleconference meetings with group members;
  • to complete online surveys sent to you by our Group Facilitator as needed;
  • to receive emails and information in the mail from the Group Facilitator periodically with group information and instructions on product reviews.

Below are some questions about you as well as your child who has a disability. Some of the questions may seem irrelevant, but we need the information to be sure we assign as diverse a group as possible to each product review. Your information is private and confidential and will be treated as such.

* Your first and last name
* Your street address, including city, zip code and apartment number, if applicable
* Your parish
* Email address that you check regularly
* Telephone number(s) with area code
* In what type of area do you live?
* What is your race?
* What is the primary language spoken in your home?
* What is the name of your child (or children) who has a disability?
* What is the birthdate of your child (or children) who has a disability?
* What is the primary disability of your child (or children)?
* Do you have a disability?
* Do you consider yourself low income?
* Do you now or have you ever had a child 18 or younger in a juvenile detention center?
* Are you a foster parent of a child with a learning difference, disability or special healthcare need?
* Do you have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet computer with which to review products?
* Do you have reliable internet service?
* Are you able to participate in Zoom (virtual video) meetings to provide input about the products reviewed?
* Will you need products submitted to you in a different format, such as print media sent through the mail?
* Do you understand that Parent Advisory Group members are volunteers and not paid for their participation?
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Parent Advisory Group, please list them here.

Thank you so much for your interest in Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans, the Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center, and the Parent Advisory Group. Our Advisory Group Facilitator will be contacting you shortly with information on upcoming meetings and assignments. We appreciate your time and look forward to getting to know you!