Millinocket Community Resiliency Partnership Survey

The Maine Resiliency Partnership is a program that will assist municipalities and tribal communities through direct grant support to reduce carbon emissions, transition to clean energy, and become more resilient to climate change effects such as to extreme weather, flooding, rising sea levels, public health impacts, and more. Once a community is enrolled in the partnership, they are eligible to pursue Community Action Grants through the Governor’s Office. Community Action Grants have a $5,000 minimum and $50,000 maximum request amount. Collaborative proposals by two or more communities are encouraged, in which case the group may request up to $100,000.

* Are you a citizen of Millinocket?
* Instructions: Please write the number of your FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD priority choices in the space below. List your first choice, followed by the second, then the third. There are 63 options. Refer to the posters for more information on each item. Your feedback will be considered when applying for grant funding.